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Interview Like a Champ

How to answer any post-military job interview question

Interviews are all about picking the person who’s best qualified for the job, right?

Not quite.

Let’s think about how humans actually size each other up. A large field of research shows that most judgments boil down to two key factors :

  1. Competence - Can this person do the job?
  2. Warmth - Would I want to work with this person?

Which means that, instead of trying to cram every last fact and figure into your brain before stepping into the interview room, you really just need to focus on how you’ll come off through these lenses:

Here’s how you prepare to ace these two tests:

Answering Interview Questions with Competence

Answering Interview Questions with Warmth

While you'll never be able to know exactly what questions will get asked of you, check out these common interview questions and see if there is a list of questions candidates for this job have been asked previously (you can find these on Glassdoor). Don't prepare exact answers to these questions, rather continue to use them to brainstorm experiences and examples you'll want to use during your interview. You never want to sound scripted!

For more interview tips, including what to do at the end of the interview, check out Shift’s complete interview guide.

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