The Definitive Post-Military Job Search Handbook

Everything you need to know to build a career you love

Welcome. Relax, We've Been There -

Tell us if this sounds familiar: You're contemplating leaving the service – or have already left. You're facing the prospect of building a brand-new career from scratch. And this prospect is just slightly terrifying.

If so, you've come to the right place.

That's because we've been there. Shift was built by veterans who've been in that exact same predicament: Where (and how) do we go next?

And we've gone from leading bomb squads, nuclear subs, and Green Berets to do work that we love across the civilian sector - from building products and partnerships to building teams and companies.

Now, we want to help you do the same. Which is why we built this guide to everything we wish we had known when we were in your shoes. So that you can build a career that you love.


-The Shift Team

Step 01
Telling your Story & Finding Your Path
How do I translate my experiences and find the right path moving forward?
Step 02
Build New Skills & Understand the Civilian Hiring Game
Take advantage of skill building resources and understand how civilian hiring practices work
Step 03
Make Your Resume Rock
Best practices for building your post-military resume
Step 04
Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Recruiter Magnet
Best practices for creating your LinkedIn profile
Step 05
Get Your Search On
How to execute your post-military job search
Step 06
Interview Like a Champ
How to answer any post-military job interview question
Step 07
Evaluate + Negotiate Like an Insider
How to negotiate salary and pick the right post-military job for you
Step 08
Keep on Building a Career You Love
The best way to start a new job after the military